Some quick shots of my photo set-up

Ignore the mess in this corner I just ran out to snap these and wasn't expecting visitors! Here you can see the light positions. I have coat hanger bracing in front of the lights to hold the white cloth I use as a diffuser away from the bulbs. Otherwise they will burn a hole in the cloth in a few minutes. The top bulb is a 500W blue daylight photoflood in a chick brooder lamp. The ceramic socket doesn't melt like the cheaper plastic ones do.

This is the camera's eye view. I have it set up so I can run a chain across the front for pendants. My biggest problem is that the shadow line is very distinct. It goes from light to dark almost at once. I will be experimenting with different side materials and top positions to work on this. Also many of my shots are too dark. These changes will hopefully fix that.

This is the box with the top off. I used a heavy gauge garbage bag to cover the sides. I think I need to change this to something that will let some light through.

A quick sample of the effects achived. The ring is being held up by "picture putty". I need to find some other color so I don't have to edit it out of the pictures. This was a quick photo of a custom piece I sent to the buyer before shipping. It has had very minimum correction, just some lightening contrast adjustment.

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