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Paul Ewing and Angelique Black - The Artists

Company Information

Welcome. Shining Moon Creations has been on the internet since 1999. We primarily run an internet based business, but can also be found at at Renaissance faires, Celtic festivals, traditional art and jewelry shows, and at science fiction and fantasy conventions around the country.

On this site you will find work by myself and my partner Angelique Black.

Artist Bio: Paul Ewing

Paul Ewing has been creating jewelry since 1996. He learned his techniques from "classes, books, videos, and melting large amounts of silver and gold into unidentifiable lumps over the years". Over the years, he has developed an international following with collectors in Switzerland, Canada, Scandinavia, Ireland, England, Germany, and Australia.

Paul enjoys trying new techniques, but his main style is building complex figurative pieces by soldering many individually cast components together to form unique jewelry creations. He enjoys working with unusual stones and trying to design unique pieces around them. The final piece of jewelry may be composed of as many as 50 individual design elements. Much of Paul's work is themed based with lines featuring fantasy designs, seascapes, floral designs, as well as modern designs based on historical artwork.

Artist Bio: Angelique Black

Angelique started designing jewelry in 1982 and uses many techniques including wire-wrapping, fabrication, and incorporating beads into other designs.


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