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Gemstone Information

Synthetic and Simulated

Synthetic - A stone that has the same chemical makeup as a natural stone, but has been created by humans. There are many processes that are used to create gemstones. Some of the more common are Flame fusion and the Pulling method.

Lab Created - Another name for synthetic.

Simulated - A stone that looks like another more valuable stone. They are often dyed or otherwise altered to increase the resemblance.


Amber - This is one of the organic "gems". It is fossilized tree sap from an early relative of the pine tree. Some amber has inclusions such as insects. It is very light weight and has the ability to become electrically charged if rubbed with wool or silk. It is associated with beauty, protection, and strength. It considered a projective stone and is often paired with Jet (fossilized wood with similar properties to amber) and used to represent balance between projective and receptive powers.

Amethyst - This is quartz that has been tinted purple by trace minerals during the crystal formation. It has long been considered a stone of peace and protection, as well as representing the receptive powers.

Amertrine - This is quartz that has a mixture of amethyst and citrine on the same crystal. This is an interesting stone because it combines the receptive and projective properties into one stone.

Bloodstone - A green stone flecked with red. It is most well known for its ancient association with blood. It was carried by soldiers and pregnant women as a healing stone.

Carnelian - A red stone associated with protection and peace since the Ancient Egyptian era.

Cat's-eye - One of many stones that exhibit a phenomena effect involving a reflected line down the center of the stone when viewed in direct light. The most common stones with this effect are sapphire, quartz, and moonstone.

Citrine - This is quartz that has been tinted yellow by trace minerals during the crystal formation. Almost all citrine has been heat treated to improve the color. It is considered to be a projective stone that protects against nightmares and enhances psychic powers.

Garnet - Orange-red to red translucent stone. Believed to impart strength and provide protection from negativity.

Hematite - Silvery-black stone with a metallic appearance. Popular for healing, grounding, and divination.

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