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Celtic Jewelry

Celtic Theme Jewelry Available At Shining Moon Creations

These are some of the designs that we have been offering at Celtic eritage events over the last few years. Most of these pieces have not been offered by us on the web before. If you do not see what you are looking for in our galleries we can probably make it. Check out our Custom page for more information on custom orders.

Some highlights of what we make include:

Celtic Pendant

Celtic Pendant Gallery - These celtic based pendants are made in sterling silver and are available in many different stones.

Celtic Cross with Amethyst

Celtic Cross Gallery - A collection for celtic crosses set with gemstones.

Celtic Knotwork Ring with Amethyst

Celtic Ring Gallery - These rings are based on the standard celtic knotwork band, but are set with stones and sometimes leaves and flowers. We can make similar rings in other sizes. Please email us for more information.

Celtic Knotwork Earrings

Celtic Earring Gallery - Many knotwork earring styles are available using several stones.


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