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Pentagram and Pentacle Jewelry

History and Lore

The pentagram has long been associated with protection in many cultures. The knights of the crusades had the star placed on their shields as a protective talisman. Where the symbol of the cross represented the Christís suffering the pentacle represented his protection. If you do not see what you are looking for in our galleries we can probably make it. Check out our Custom page for more information on custom orders.

Click on the images or gallery links below to see all the styles we offer.

Large Pentagram Pendant

Plain Pentagram Pendant Gallery

Carnelian Leaf Pentagram Pendant

Stone Set Pentagram Pendant Gallery

Fairy Pentagram Pendant

Fairy Pentagram Pendant Gallery

Welsh Dragon Pentagram Pendant

Dragon Pentagram Pendant Gallery

Moonstone Dolphin Pentagram Pendant

Nature Pentagram Pendant Gallery

Pentagram Hoop Earrings

Pentagram Earrings Gallery

Goddess Pentagram Pendant

Symbol Pentagram Pendant Gallery

Celtic Pentagram Cross Pendant

Pentagram Cross Pendant Gallery


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