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Wiccan and Pagan Jewelry

Shining Moon Creations offers many jewelry designs for Wiccans and followers of other Pagan paths including Pentacles or Pentagrams, Ritual Crowns, Celtic, Norse, and other symbols of faith from the ancient world. If you do not see what you are looking for in our galleries we can probably make it. Check out our Custom page for more information on custom orders.

Some highlights of what we make include:

Carnelian Pentagram Pendant

Pentagrams - One of the most common Pagan symbols. Pentagrams or Pentacles are worn by by many to symbolize the four elements plus spirit, protection, as well as many other meanings. We offer many designs ranging from plain, classic pendants and earrings to custom designs. Some of the designs we have created involve dragons, fairies, and snakes. We also use flowers and leaves to accent our pieces. For those that like stones, we can incorporate most precious and semi-precious stones into our pieces. Some of our more popular choices are moonstone, carnelian, lapis, amber, and jet.

Dragon Pentagram Ritual Crown

Ritual Crowns - Designs for the priest, priestess, or anyone. Our top of the line crowns are custom made to your measurements and are made from sterling silver. Most designs are also available as adjustable crowns. These have the advantage of lower metal costs. Our current designs include Triple Moon, Dragon Pentagram, and Horned God. We can also custom design a crown based on your needs. Other crown metals available include: copper, brass, and gold.

Fantasy Dragon Crystal Pendant

Dragon Pendants - Dragons have long been associated with power. We have a collection of pendants with dragon scenes done in sterling silver mounted on crystals. The scenes include lone dragons, dragon mothers with babies, and dragon nest scenes. These are a mother dragon, a baby, and gemstone eggs. The crystals used are clear quartz, pink quartz, and light amethyst.

Dragon Ring with Star Saphire

Dragon Rings - These beautiful hand crafted sterling silver dragon rings available with many different gemstones. Some of the stones include: garnet, star sapphire, turtle cut rubies, amethyst, jade, and hematite. Most other stones are available on a custom order basis. This ring looks good on women and men alike. It is available in any size from about 4 to 13. Since each is hand made there will be differences in the design depending on the size of ring and what feels right when I make the ring. If you have specific design that you like let me know and I will see if it works with the ring size you need.

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